In this section you will find information about the wine, the color, the taste, the alcohol and the creators of Gïk Live!

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It’s not about grapes, it’s about the people

Our wine comes from different Spanish and Franch vineyards, whose grapes we transform into Gïk. That’s right: we work with grapes from different areas of Europe, whose color and flavor we improve through food tech. We choose these wineries in terms of the people who work them and their innovative nature. That’s why Gïk has no denomination of origin, but a guarantee of quality and unique flavor.

Our wineries are located mainly in La Rioja, Zaragoza and Courthézon. If you are a producer and would like to work with us from elsewhere, please contact us at hello@bluewine.us


Why blue?

We are not vintners. We are creators. So we sought the most traditional and closed minded industry out there. Once having selected the wine industry as our battlefield, we set about creating a radically different product, changing the colour to a vibrant blue and making the wine sweeter and easier to drink.When we started to work on our project we came across a book called The Blue Ocean Strategy. This explained that there are red oceans, full of sharks which have torn the little fish so much that they’ve tinted the water red. Then there are blue oceans, where there is no competition and fish swim unharassed. Thus the poetic idea of transforming a red ocean into a blue ocean through changing the most traditional red liquid into blue was one which greatly appealed to us.

Apart from that, in psychology blue represents movement, innovation and infinity. It’s also a colour frequently associated with flow and change.

The deeper the blue becomes, the more strongly it calls man towards the infinite, awakening in him a desire for the pure.– V. Kandinski


Gïk is produced through a pigmentation process. Firstly a base is created from a mixture of white and red grapes, which is then added to two organic pigments; indigo and anthocyanin – which comes from the very skin of the grapes used to make wine.

We’ve spent the last two years conducting research in collaboration with the University of the Basque Country and Food Tech. research departments. Quality control checks are rigorous and all the elements used comply with the regulations for food products in the European Union.


You may taste it with…

Una foto publicada por Gïk Live! Vino Azul (@giklive) el

No added sugar

Gïk carries no added sugars.

Why? Firstly because sugar ferments and turns into alcohol inside the bottle. Secondly, because excess of fast carbs leads to overweight, while non-caloric sweeteners are a healthier and more stable choice.

Our processes are safely regulated and have received the approval of institutions such as the European Food Safety Authority, who evaluate the terms of use of all compounds.


11’5% vol

Drink for fun and to enjoy the moment, always in moderation. Do not drink alcohol if you are under age, plan to drive, if you are on medication or pregnant or to evade issues.

If you drink, don’t drive

Go create something instead.