Now You Can Celebrate the Fourth of July with a Toast in Red, White and Blue

Gik Live!, the company that markets the blue wine, has launched a special edition to commemorate our favorite day


Gik Live!, the startup that put the industry upside down last year when they launched their famous blue wine, has now created a limited edition that includes Gik Red, White and Blue. The so-called flag pack will be exclusively available during June at and in selected stores.

This team of young entrepreneurs (none of them is older than 30) affirms that “It is a gift to be selling in the country, so we wanted to create another gift to say ‘thank you’ to all who believed in us“.

After being considered by the editorial team of Time Magazine as “something that everyone should try”, Gik Blue is now available in more than 30 states around the country, and the team ensures that they will “gradually add more to the list”.

Innovation from their roots

The creators of Gik Blue were born in the Basque Country, a small territory in Northern Spain that has a really long tradition of food technology, creativity and innovation; including lots of Michelin Star chefs. “Maybe that’s why we wanted to innovate in the wine sector too. We were willing to create something different, something creative and unique”, they state.

Classified as a chilled, sweet wine with 11% ABV, Gik Blue is made from a mixture of quality red and white grapes that are turned blue thanks to a technological pigmentation process that combines a pigment of the skin of red grapes and a pigment that comes from a flower.

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The road so far

Tired of the wine culture they’d been exposed to in Spain, where people care more about what they’ve learned about wine instead of actually enjoying it, their goal is simple: to have people sit and sip

And it looks like they finally made it. Until now, the firm has become available in most of the US, selling up to 80.000 bottles of their creation in less than a year. They had a good market response back on the other side of the Ocean too, as they are selling in more than 25 countries in Europe, Asia and America, where they have both online and offline distribution.

Will this be the first year for you to toast with red, white and blue wine during July 4th?

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Gik can be paired with whatever you want, but it tastes specially good when combined with music. Pour yourself a big blue wine glass and enjoy our playlists.

Turn the volume up! And invite your neighbours to join so they don’t care 😏